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    Seeking acquisitions of middle-market, niche-manufacturing organizations.
  • Manufacturing Specialists

    Established record in niche manufacturing, advanced materials, adhesives / coatings, specialty chemicals, and plastics.
  • Growth-Focused Investing

    We actively manage and invest in businesses to realize sustainable long term growth.

Our Strategy

Actively Managing Manufacturing-Focused Companies for long-term growth.

Wembly Enterprises acquires niche-manufacturing businesses for long-term growth. We manage for long-term value creation through strategic investments and the patient development of niche markets. We do not follow a private equity model that requires an exit or liquidity in a predefined range of time. Instead, we make long term investments by providing growth capital; recruiting top management talent to build manufacturing, sales, R&D and supply chain competencies; and creating operational and financials synergies between portfolio companies.

Wembly is currently looking for both new manufacturing platforms as well as add-on opportunities. If you are a broker, investor, or owner of a business that fits our profile, Please Contact us.

Our Preferred Investment Profile

Niche Manufacturing Focus

We look for asset-riche organizations with an expertise in industrial and consumer markets and EV between $20-$100MM.

Industry Focus

We look for businesses in a range of industries, including advanced materials, adhesives / coatings, specialty chemicals, and plastics.

Strong Foundation

We look for businesses with strong fundamentals and will invest in organic growth as well as the acquisition of new capabilities.

Portfolio Of Companies

Companies Currently Owned and Operated by Wembly Enterprises Team

Since 2012, Wembly has acquired and currently operates many niche manufacturing businesses. Wembly management is currently in active search for new opportunities in the US and is open to expanding its geographic and industry footprint through acquisitions that enhance the capabilities of portfolio companies, or new businesses which will be managed as separate entities.

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Universal Plastics Corp. is a custom thermoformer with three facilities in Massachusetts and New York with strong legacy of expertise in manufacturing thermoformed plastic parts of the highest quality with a distinct focus on customer satisfaction. Universal has been in business for over 50 years with a world class management team and currently serves customers in a variety of industries including medical device manufacturers, transportation, consumer products, aerospace, food packaging and electronic companies.

Universal Plastics includes a facility in Holyoke MA which was acquired in 2012; a facility in Sutton MA which was formerly Mayfield Plastics and acquired in 2013; and a facility near Albany NY which was formerly W. Kintz Plastics and acquired in 2018.

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Located in Sutton Massachusetts, Mayfield plastics specializes in plastic forming, thermo forming and vacuum forming technologies. Mayfield serves the custom plastic parts needs of a variety of industries including aerospace, medical device manufacturers, transportation and electronic companies.

Mayfield Plastics is an ISO-registered organization Located in the heart of the Blackstone Valley Corridor of Massachusetts.

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Located in Manchester New Hampshire, Nylon Corporation of America (NYCOA) is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and a leading manufacturer of engineering grade nylon resins. With a product line as broad as that of the industry's largest competitors, NYCOA has established a solid market niche in specialty nylons.

In addition to an extensive line of standard and custom nylon 6 grades, NYCOA manufactures numerous specialty nylon grades including plasticized grades, glass reinforced, flame retardant, as well as the capability to polymerize many unique nylon copolymers, terpolymers, and custom nylon alloys.

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Located in Andover, Massachusetts, Shawsheen Coating and Converting develops pressure sensitive adhesives and coated fabrics using a diverse array of adhesive chemistries and hand-selected substrates such as fabrics, films, and foams. Shawsheen has been operating successfully since 1939, and has sustained its reputation as a specialty, niche adhesives and coated fabrics manufacturer in the ophthalmic, industrial, embroidery, electrical and athletics markets. Shawsheen also provides toll coating services and customized converting for its customers, who range from domestic specialty distributors to multinational organizations. Shawsheen was acquired by Wembly Enterprises in June 2015.

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Located in Lowell, Massachusetts, Bradford Industries is a manufacturer of coated fabrics and textiles for the automotive, consumer and industrial markets. Bradford is a leading producer of coated fabrics for air bags and rollover curtains. Bradford has more than 70 employees and a rich history manufacturing synthetic leather products for the fashion industry. Today Bradford supplies these highly engineered products to the automotive and interior trim market along with the marine, contract furniture and health care markets. The company produces its fabrics utilizing PVC, polyurethane and silicone technology. Bradford Industries is ISO/TS 16949: 2009 certified and compliant. Bradford was acquired by Wembly Enterprises in June 2016.

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Located in Middlefield, Ohio, Sajar Plastics is a highly differentiated injection molding company focused on molding very large, aesthetically demanding parts with complex designs from a vast range of engineered thermoplastic resins. Sajar has been a leader in the development and application of internal gas assist molding, and may be unique in its ability to couple that process with structural foam, external gas assisted structural foam and gas counter-pressure molding. Operating from a 185,000 square foot facility, Sajar’s nearly 100 employees use 16 presses varying from 85 to 1500 tons in order to serve the full range of their customers’ molding needs and also provide sophisticated painting, EMR shielding and assembly services.

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Premium Plastic Solutions LLC (PPS) is a custom blow molder strategically located in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. A wide range of machine sizes makes PPS one of the most versatile blow molders in the industry, and its custom mold and machine shop provides customers with a seamless and efficient process from concept to production.
PPS serves a wide range of markets including medical, waste management, automotive, safety equipment, lawn and garden, recreational equipment and large capacity potable water bottles. PPS is registered with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to contract manufacture medical sharps collectors and ISO 9001 certified.

About Us

Learn about the Wembly team.

Wembly team members have a diverse set of backgrounds from across multiple industries. Our backgrounds bring decades of experience from niche and industrial manufacturing, specialty chemicals, product development, and financial industries. The Wembly team directly work with and manage portfolio companies as active participants.

Managing Principal, Chairman

Sunil Kumar

Sunil is the former CEO of global specialty chemicals manufacturer ISP (acquired by Ashland Inc). Prior to ISP, Sunil served as CEO of GAF Materials and as EVP of Bridgestone/Firestone. Sunil has overseen the acquisition of all current Wembly companies, and stays active as an industry leader and advisor to companies in the chemical industry.

Sunil holds a Bachelors of technology in mechanical engineering from IIT and an MBA from the University of Louisiana

CEO NBS Holdings
Vice Chairman Wembly Enterprises

Jay Bizarro

Jay is Chief Executive Officer at Wembly company NYCOA. Jay built a 29 year career with specialty chemicals manufacturer ISP, which was acquired by Ashland Inc in 2011. His heavy emphasis in manufacturing and operations allowed him to successfully lead and transform a 180 person manufacturing facility into an industry best plant. Recently, Jay was also responsible for 7 additional facilities in North and South America as Ashland's Director of Operations.

Jay holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree, with a concentration in Chemical Engineering, from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Principal, President Universal Plastics Group

Jay Kumar

Jay is the President of Wembly company Universal Plastics. Jay has overseen a revamping of operations, administration and scheduling that has helped drive 30% in annual business growth. Jay also led the acquisition of Mayfield Plastics in Sutton, MA. Prior to joining Wembly, Jay was an executive director at J.P. Morgan.

Jay has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Cornell University, and a master’s degree in engineering and operations research from Cornell.

Principal, CFO Wembly Enterprises

Monica Kumar

Monica is Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer of Wembly Enterprises. Prior to this position, Monica developed an extensive skill set in the financial industry; after entering as an Analyst at Citibank, she took a substantial role in Corporate Development at AIG. After receiving an MBA from the University of Chicago, Monica took a position in Corporate Finance at PepsiCo HQ.

Monica holds a bachelors degree in engineering from Columbia University and an MBA from the Booth School of Business.


Pia Kumar

Pia leads Corporate Development at Wembly Company Universal Plastics. In this capacity, Pia is responsible for growth strategies and process development across a variety of functions. Pia began her career at JPMorgan Chase and then spent several years at American Express, leading business development initiatives and managing strategic partnerships.

Pia holds an MBA in from University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Northwestern University.

Principal, VP Business Development and R&D, NYCOA

Jonathan McEuen

Jonathan leads Research and Business Development for Wembly Company NYCOA. Jonathan is responsible for market analysis, product development, and commercialization. Jon has built and advised businesses across industries, primarily in healthcare and technology companies. Jonathan has launched multiple ventures in IT, data analytics, and molecular engineering.

Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from MIT, a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from the Wharton School.

President BSCT
Vice Chairman, Wembly Enterprises

Steve Olsen

Steve is President of Wembly company Bradford Industries. Prior to joining Wembly, Steve spent 20 years at GAF Materials Corp. and specialty chemicals manufacturer ISP where he lead the M&A and Marketing programs along with different business units. Steve has been active in executing several of Wembly's acquisitions.

Steve has a BA in Math & Political Science from Northwestern University and an MBA from Stanford.

Senior VP of Business Development and Acquisitions
Vice Chairman Wembly Enterprises

Carlos Restrepo

Carlos joins Wembly’s Acquisition and Development team from Aceto Corporation, where he led Performance Chemicals. Prior to this, Carlos demonstrated years of success in leading teams and driving business growth at International Specialty Products, now part of Ashland Inc. Carlos has demonstrated impactful leadership as a general manager, SVP, and Business leader in elastomers, intermediates, solvents, and industrial chemicals.

Carlos holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.

COO, Universal Plastics

Peter Crowell

Peter has been transforming manufacturing and supply chain teams throughout his career. He has experience in Power Generation, Industrial Contracting, Global Sourcing, Office Furniture, and Aerospace Interiors. He is passionate about building high performance teams, driving process improvement, and managing successful growth.

Peter holds a BA in Economics from DePauw University, an MBA from Wake Forest University, and is a graduate of the Alstom Advanced Management Program at INSEAD.

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Sunil Kumar

Managing Principal, Chairman

Sunil is the former CEO of global specialty chemicals manufacturer ISP (acquired by Ashland Inc). Prior to ISP, Sunil served as CEO of GAF Materials and as EVP of Bridgestone/Firestone. Sunil has overseen the acquisition of all current Wembly companies, and stays active as an industry leader and advisor to companies in the chemical industry.

Sunil holds a Bachelors of technology in mechanical engineering from IIT and an MBA from the University of Louisiana